From a young age I started being impassioned about the nature and especially the ocean that could give me all the quiet I ever wanted. After one point as i was finishing my studies In computer sciences, i found a  job in elafonisi beach as a cashier. I didn’t really cared about what I had to do or how much I would earn, i just knew i wanted to be near the sea. After a couple of years there my schedule implemented various outdoor activities such as Stand Up Paddle boarding (S.U.P) and Kayaking in my free time. Simple as that in 2019 I made the decision to try starting my own business doing something that i love in a place i love. I believe that heart tells you what to do, not people.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our transfer service to travel to and from elafonisi beach. The ride will be comfy away from the public bus crowd, but also not expensive as the rest vip transfer services. Just use the booking service or message one of our crew members.

Not really, canoe-kayak in calm waters is very easy, anyone can paddle. S.U.P. may need a little more experience cause you rely on balance. In any case our team will be there instructing and helping with anything you might need.

Usually the weather in elafonisi is very good with clear sky and bright sun! Some days it can be windy though, especially during mid August. For more info about your trip there do not hesitate and send us a message!

Both activities are relatively easy to learn. Kayak is great if you want to get 1 or 2 more people with you and sail together! SUP on the other side is more of a single person activity but you can include an extra person seated if the board is big enough. Our team will provide you with the equipment that is suitable for you.

We are open every day 9:00am till the evening! Starting from 15/04 to 10/11